ECWRV auditor qualification

Content of this training is the expansion of knowledge of welding auditors in the field of railway vehicles.


• Tasks and responsibilities of the ECWRV

• Basics of the EN ISO 3834 quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials

• Interpretation of standards EN 15085 Railway applications – Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components

• Guideline ECWRV – certification system Online Register

• Design, calculation and fatigue strength of welded joints

• Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR)

• Requirements and qualifications of welding procedures for metallic materials acc. to EN ISO 15607 to EN ISO 15614pp

• Qualification testing of welders and welding operators acc. to

• EN ISO 9606-1, EN ISO 9606-2 and EN ISO 14732

• Chances and limits of non-destructive testing

• NDT personnel acc. to EN ISO 9712

• Presentation of new welding processes

• Special contract requirements of manufacturers

• System Online Register – exercises and practice


Auditors and welding coordinators in the sector of railway vehicles

Please note

Prerequisites for participating in the examination:

qualification as EWF-welding engineer, EWF-welding technologist acc. to EN 15085-2.


14.10.2019 – 17.10.2019 Halle (Saale) 1.700,00 €


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