Micro-electron-beam welding

Acceleration voltage:60 kV
Laser power:2 kW
Maximum laser current33 mA (at60 kV)
Focus:< 100 μm
Laser power density:Typically104 W/mm2
Welding speed:Up to10 m/min

Workpiece handling

  • Rotary device to hold a component of up to 100 mm in diameter
  • Axial and radial welds supported
  • Integrated X-Y table for linear material handling with 150 mm travel in either direction

Welding chamber – welding space of 500 x 500 x 500 mm3

  • Three connections to peripheral devices (sensors, control lines, etc.)
  • Working vacuum of 5 x 10-4 mbar within 7 minutes using the existing pump system


  • SEM image ratio (scan and view mode)
  • Teach-in programming for automated welding by mapping the desired course
  • Workpiece/weld measurement before, during and after welding operation using SEM mode