11th International Conference Beam Technology 2019 (cancelled)

We want to inform you that we have reached what we unfortunately see as an inevitable decision to cancel the BeamTec 2019 conference. We did not take this decision lightly, and not before careful consideration and weighing up the general situation. We at SLV Halle place our own very high expectations on this and other specialised conferences. This type of conference is always preceded by a call for papers with a request for stimulating presentation contributions. As a result, we have received exciting presentation topics with prominent speakers. Our aim is to provide our specialist conference visitors with a wide and balanced range of scientific and practical subjects. However, this only works if we receive a correspondingly large number of technical and research contributions to include in the conference programme. Unfortunately, the number of topics offered did not meet our expectations, resulting in an insufficient quantity of presentation proposals to meet the requirements of what we would see as appropriate for an international specialist conference of a high scientific and technical standard.

We have taken this opportunity to take a closer look at our fundamental conference concept and develop new ideas. We would positively welcome any suggestions or ideas that you might have.

In addition, we at SLV Halle are currently constructing a new laboratory for beam technology, especially with regard to generative joining technology. To this end, we will be holding our first Additive Manufacturing conference on 12 November 2019, which will also cover beam technologies. We would like to welcome you to this conference; we greatly look forward to your proposal for a presentation on this subject and will be issuing a call for papers in due course.

In the meantime, we can only ask for your understanding in our decision to cancel the planned BeamTec 2019 conference.

From a technical point of view, we at SLV Halle will be increasing our involvement in beam technology while continuing to act as a technology platform and a powerful expert partner for industry and research – all the more reason for us to look forward to your next visit to SLV Halle GmbH.

Yours faithfully,
sgd. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Keitel


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