Join-Trans 2018

Specialists from twelve nations at SLV Halle GmbH

Hosted by Welding Institute SLV Halle GmbH:
Fifth JOIN-TRANS Conference 2018

Halle an der Saale, 16/17 May 2018  Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt (SLV) Halle GmbH and the European Committee for Welding of Railway Vehicles (ECWRV) hosted the fifth JOIN-TRANS – Joining and Construction of Railway Vehicles conference on 16 and 17 May 2018. Participants from twelve countries in three continents came to follow a conference programme on topics close to the main theme.

Once again, the two-day event, which has always been held in English, provided visitors to SLV Halle GmbH with an attractive platform to present the state of the art in welding technology specific to railway vehicles and share their experiences in designing and manufacturing rolling stock from a welder’s perspective.

The first day of the conference culminated in the evening event at the Leopoldina, Germany’s National Academy of Sciences. Founded in 1652, the Leopoldina is one of the oldest academies of science in the world. It is dedicated to the advancement of science for the benefit of humankind and to the goal of shaping a better future. With some 1,500 members, the Leopoldina brings together outstanding scientists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries (source:

The second day continued in a similar vein with renowned speakers giving informative presentations on the state of the art in welding technology for rail vehicle construction and the application of international standards.

As is usual for an event of this type, a trade exhibition of well-known suppliers and developers of welding technology enriched the international conference.

Held in English, the JOIN-TRANS - Joining and Construction of Railway Vehicles conference is the well-established international counterpart to the national conference on the same topic (15 to 16 May 2019), which SLV Halle has been holding for years.

Firm plans have already been made for the JOIN-TRANS conference in 2020. However, this time will see the conference taking place outside Halle for the first time; SLV Halle will inviting visitors to the conference in Warsaw, Poland, organised by SLV Halle and the institute’s Polish colleagues.




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