Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing as a research speciality is still a new addition to the repertoire at SLV Halle, and is currently developing from existing and established areas at SLV.
From a technological point of view, this emerging research area stems from cladding and hardfacing. Hardfacing has been a focus of research and development at SLV Halle for years, but has recently been given new impetus from additive manufacturing. Welding robots have made it possible to develop from simple cladding and planar structures to three dimensional production techniques.
Robotics as applied in welding pipe nodes should be extended and developed further for additive manufacturing.

SLV Halle is technically equipped for EBM technology as well as three-dimensional component production from a powder bed using an electron beam as well as development in research and technology for additive manufacturing using arc welding and laser-arc hybrid techniques.

Research projects

Current research projects

There are no ongoing additive manufacturing research projects at present.

Completed research projects

  • Production of serial cutting tools for farming, forestry and sawmills
  • Electron beam welding in EBM-generated multi-dimensional carbide structures using high-toughness workpieces 


  • Research projects
  • Technology and process development

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