Terms of participation for training, examination and certification at SLV Halle GmbH

1.    Prerequisites for participation

Entitled to participate in courses/examinations are those that fulfil the prescribed prerequisites of the EWF/DVS regulations or DIN EN ISO 9712, depending on the type of course concerned.

2.    Registration

Registration for courses/examinations requires written forms. Requested dates will be taken into consideration where possible, however, these only apply after conclusion of the course/examination agreement.

3.    Fees and payment

3.1.    The amount of the course and examination fees is determined by the schedule of fees of SLV Halle GmbH valid at the time of the beginning of the course.

3.2.    The course and examination fees are to be paid prior to the beginning of the course. It is possible to either effect a bank transfer or a cash payment to SLV Halle GmbH prior to the beginning of the course.

On joining the course the course participant is to present evidence of payment of the fees. If no receipt of payment has been registered prior to the examination date, the participant will not be permitted to sit the examination.

3.3.    For the variable services named under 1. of the agreement invoicing shall occur following conclusion of the variable training period on the basis of the training and examination services actually utilised. The payment period is 14 days after invoice date.

3.4.    In the event of withdrawal up to one week prior to the beginning of the course a processing fee of € 30.00 will be charged.

In the case of registration within one week of the beginning of the course and failure to commence the training a processing and preparation fee to the amount of 50 % of the course and examination fee will be charged, to a minimum of € 100.00 and maximum of € 200.00.

Interruption or discontinuation of participation in the training course commenced does not release the participant from payment of the full course fee. If, in the case of special training courses, daily rates are foreseen, the full daily rates will also be charged for training days commenced and full examination fees charged for examinations. In the case of registration for seminars or discussion meetings the withdrawal of a registration following our confirmation does not release the participant from payment of the full participation fee.

In cases in which the participant is unable to participate in the course due to reasons for which he is not responsible (e.g. illness, accident - verification required), only the pro rata fees for respectively commenced 40-hour units are to be paid.

4.    Course regulations

The participant is obliged to note and observe the course regulations. He is also to follow the instructions of the training staff and the examination board. In the event of breach of these obligations the participant may be excluded from further participation in the course and examination, without release from the obligation to pay fees. The participant is liable to pay compensation for culpable damage to rooms, equipment and facilities, as well as loss of SLV property.

5.    Cancellation of courses or lessons

In the event of cancellation of scheduled courses due to insufficient participant numbers or other important reasons the pursuit of claims for compensation on the part of the participant is excluded. Fees already paid shall be reimbursed in this case.

If the training establishment is prevented from holding lessons due to events over which it has no influence, there shall be no entitlement to make up for these lessons.

6.    Copyright

Due to copyright reasons, the written course documents provided by SLV Halle GmbH may only be used for personal use.

7.    Personal data

Shall only be collected to the extent required for the implementation of the course, and shall be stored in a data processing facility.

8.    Release of information

If the course participant is not the contractual partner of SLV Halle GmbH he will confirm with his signature that he presents a copy of the qualification / certification documents received upon passing the examination to the client.

9.    Certification

Participants that are certified are obliged to record complaints raised against them within the area of application of their certificate and to notify the certifier of these when applying for a certificate.

10.  Certificate of participation

After completion of training each participant shall receive a certification of participation, stating duration and content.

11.  Place of performance and place of jurisdiction

Place of performance for all mutual obligations is the place in which the training establishment provides its services. This also determines the place of jurisdiction.