Arc welding

Arc welding and the procedures typically involved are often used in industry due to the wide range of welding tools and power sources from major manufacturers. 

Research projects

Current research projects

  • Investigation and further development of arc welding using compressed air towards cutting pollutant emissions
  • High-butt weld – load capacity of butt welds on high-strength steel in steel construction
  • Welding cladded plates and hardfacing shaped around the joint seam
  • Welding on hollow sections with widened joint seams

    Completed research projects

    • Robotic welding on pipe nodes
    • High-performance welding processes for offshore applications
    • Thermal straightening on stiffened plate structures using induction heating
    • Cost-effective welding on thick-walled tubing in wind turbine structures
    • Cost-effective technologies for welding profiles and pipe segments in high-strength steel by determining heat input
    • Development of a lightweight rotor for run-of-river (ROR) hydroelectric power plants         Development of an innovative application-oriented system for induction-preheating aluminium alloys and ultra-high-strength fine-grain structural steel in fully mechanised arc welding
    • Alloying systems for cored wire in MIG/MAG welding on aluminium-based wrought and die-cast alloys
    • Fatigue-resistant trusses made of hollow tubes with thick-walled straps
    • FOLUREN project for welding joins in lightweight rotors made of composite materials
    • Development of a camera system for online process control and visual assessment of selected arc coating processes; development of an online visual process control method in selected arc coating processes
    • Plasma cutting on stainless steel
    • Mechanised welding on complex contours in large-volume components
    • Application options and limitations in plasma marking for stable welded structures
    • Hardness on flame-cut edges and beam welds


    • Research projects (publicly funded)
    • Industrial research
    • Industrial services on commission (repair welding, deposition welding, inspections on gas-shielded welding wires, TIG and MIG/MAG series welding, torch tests, welding on shop primers, assessments, etc.)
    • Technology and process development
    • Technological consultation

    Technical equipment

    • Plasma welding: fully mechanical, soft plasma, microplasma and plasma keyhole methods
    • Plasma hardfacing: Corrosion and wear protection system
    • TIG welding: AC/DC welding power sources and TIG-hot wire welding unit
    • MIG/MAG welding: Linear portals and power sources in any power range; specialised power sources from different manufacturers for hardfacing and joint welding; MIG/MAG robot on linear axis (approx. 6 m) with turn-tilt mechanism and welding table
    • Submerged-arc welding: Tractor and portal for single-wire and double-wire welding
    • Soldering: Autogenous, controlled atmosphere furnace and 30 kW MF induction unit
    • Induction: 30 kW MF induction unit, 18 kW MF induction unit, 35 kW induction heating unit with tracing

    MIG/MAG welding

    6-axis robot with 2-axis positioner and gas metal arc welding equipment from OTC Daihen Europe GmbH

    Submerged-arc welding

    Submerged-arc double-wire unit Robot, linear portals and power sources in any power range; specialised power sources for hardfacing and joint welding