Online-Register EN 15085

The Register EN 15085 online database was established as a central quality management tool for national safety authorities, bodies issuing manufacturer certifications, the railway vehicle industry, and railway companies involved in certifying welding companies for railway vehicle construction.

The Register EN 15085 online database records all of the certificates held by recognised welding companies that are issued by accredited manufacturer certificate issuers certified by ECWRV (European Committee for Welding of Railway Vehicles).

This includes the specific extension according to DIN 27201-6 (maintenance), RIL 826 (superstructure), paragraph RID (tanks).
The online database also integrates welding consumables approved or certified by Deutsche Bahn.

Link to the Register EN 15085 online database:

Register EN 1090 online database

All structural parts manufacturers have been required to apply the DIN EN 1090 et seq. standard since 1 July 2014. The Register EN 1090 online database is an ideal place to start for anyone looking for a manufacturer in this area. The database includes all of the certificates of participating German and international certification bodies.

Link to the Register EN 1090 online database:


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