StarWeld® presents a comprehensive support in generation and administration of welding documents for quality assurance as well as a capacious help in determination of technological and business management data of weldments.

We create your customized version of our software. Chose the modules you need from the following list:

  • welder’s master data
  • welder approval test certificates
  • operator’s qualification tests
  • welding procedure specifications
  • welding procedure tests
  • test piece and test specimen
  • operating instructions
  • welding procedure sheet
  • welding sequences
  • data base for base material
  • data base for filler metal
  • converter of units of welding measures
  • educational and training software for welding
  • world wide web-courses
  • welding times and welding costs
  • calculation of weld cross section
  • welding parameters
  • heat input
  • preheating temperatures
  • cooling times
  • welding cycles
  • post heating conditions
  • welding-ttt-diagrams
  • microstructure
  • mechanical properties
  • avoidance of cracks
  • knowledge basis for welding applications
  • quality management


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