Pressure welding

Pressure welding techniques use superimposed forces for mass production as used in automotive and railway vehicle construction, steel composite applications and the electrical industry. Research needs arise from new and innovative materials and manufacturing concepts from development to deployment.

Research projectsd

Current research projects

  • Sequential compacting 
  • evelopment of a pressure welding method for joining copper and aluminium using controlled eutectic formation

Completed research projects

  • Final report
    Influence of repair conditions on mechanical and technological properties in resistance spot welds
  • Development and evaluation of advanced welding technologies for lightweight multi-material design with dissimilar sheet metals.
  • Production of mixed compounds using planar ultrasound applications on unfinished goods
  • Development of technologies for flux-free soldering by solder application using ultrasound welding
  • Development of application policies for compacting and welding copper and aluminium cables using conductive resistance heating
  • Development of friction stirring tools for milling machines, fatigue assessment testing methods for FSW tools, technological parameters for use in new FSW tools


  • Research projects
  • Industrial research
  • Technology and process development
  • Technological consultation

Process variations

Resistance welding

  • Spot welding
  • Projection welding
  • Roller-seam welding
  • Pressure butt welding
  • Seam-buildup welding
  • Resistance soldering

Stud welding

  • Capacitor-discharge welding
  • Drawn-arc welding
  • Short-cycle drawn-arc welding
  • Stud welding with magnetically impelled arc

Ultrasonic welding

  • Ultrasonic spot welding
  • Ultrasonic seam welding

Technical equipment