WeldCAD – making life easier for welding supervisors

Designing and manufacturing welded components involves a wide range of activities for welding supervisors and professional welders. Apart from preparing the welding technologies you will be using, this includes preparing the components to be welded. Any welding procedure involving basic welding materials, additives and parameters needs the weld to be modelled in geometry and layer structure. The WeldCAD seam generator was developed with this in mind.

WeldCAD – the weld seam generator

The familiar WPS Manager is already available for creating the welding procedure specification (WPS). WPS Manager was developed by software experts from SLV Halle GmbH together with engineers from the institute. The seam generator is a valuable addition, and can also be used as a standalone tool.

Large selection of weld seams

The tool includes a selection of 35 seam types for generating drawings depending on parameters such as material thickness, accessibility, and type of welding process; it then exports the drawing into a variety of formats such as JPEG, PNG and TIFF for embedding into all your production planning and quality assurance documents. The software supports drawings that include whole layers or only individual beads.

Save valuable time by drawing seams the convenient way

The seam generator quickly and easily gives you a variety of seam drawings online, saving you lots of time. The system automatically checks your entries such as flank angle and workpiece thickness for compliance with DIN EN ISO 9692. It then generates the finished seam drawing at the click of a mouse, which you can use in all your documentation. There is no additional software that needs to be installed as the seam generator works online. It takes just a few steps to create your own seam, so why not give it a go?

Try it yourself

[Translate to english:] Einfacher geht es nicht! Wir helfen Ihnen mit dem Fugenformgenerator wertvolle Zeit bei der Dokumentation von Schweißarbeiten einzusparen.

It couldn’t be simpler. WeldCAD will save you valuable time with the seam generator in preparing your welding documentation.

First step: open http://weldcad.slv-halle.de/ and register. 

Second step: Select a seam from more than 35 seam types.  

Third step: Enter all the information available to you from flank angle to workpiece thickness.  

Fourth step: Generate your seam, and you’re done.  

Playing it safe with WeldCAD: The system automatically checks your entries for compliance with DIN EN ISO 9692.


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