Our Dresden branch office

SLV Halle GmbH has been operating in Dresden, Saxony, since January 2004, and has expanded its service range in the region in a short period of years. 
This location belongs technically and organisationally to the quality assurance department in SLV Halle. 

Dresden`s range of service

  • Quality assurance
  • Certification
  • Testing, inspection and certification centre (PÜZ) for rebar manufacturing and processing
  • Staff training in non-destructive material testing using VT visual testing, PT dye penetration testing and MT magnetic particle testing 
  • Participation in training welding staff at SLV Halle GmbH, SL Großenhain and SL Leipzig.

Directions to our Dresden location

SLV Halle GmbH – Dresden
Manfred-von-Ardenne-Ring 20
01099 Dresden
TechnologieZentrumDresden – north site – Bldg B, Floor 1

You can reach us by train, air or public transport

  • Tram line 7 from Dresden HBF (main station) towards Weixdorf; alternatively, line 8 towards Dresden-Hellerau, leaving at the Moritzburger Weg stop
  • City bus line 77 from Dresden airport towards Dresden-Klotzsche, change to tram line 7 at the Infineon stop towards Pennrich, leaving at the Moritzburger Weg stop
  • You will find the entrance to Building B across the road from the Casino zum Torhaus restaurant
  • By road