Construction and manufacturing onsite supervision

Welding inspections have been a core activity at SLV Halle GmbH since our company’s establishment in 1930.

SLV Halle GmbH performs welding qualification on general steel structures, especially in the construction and installation of steel bars, railway bridges, power plants and construction engineering.

Engineering services includes consulting, inspection and onsite supervision of general steel onstruction structures and attendant corrosion protection.

Activities includes verifying the main of dimensions, construction materials, component assembly and inspection before, during and after welding

Of course, tests using ultrasound and the re-evaluation of radiographs are also part of our standard tasks.

Special emphasis belongs to monitoring of the corrosion protection. The control of  coating materials, the examination of the blasted surfaces regarding their degree of surface preparation, the inspection of requirements during performing of individual layers, examination of coated surfaces regarding to the appearance and also the examination of applied layer thicknesses.

Our SLV Halle GmbH engineers having comprehensive skill knowledge  and huge experiences to perform these inspections.

References for instant are, German roadbuilding, railway and DEGES expo- highways construction authorities and private companies such as Deutsche Bahn AG, TollCollect, Siemens AG and Verbundnetz Gas AG.