Calculation, dimensioning and design

Every single industrial sector requires documented logs, records and reports on loadbearing capacity and fitness for purpose of welded structures. These requirements applies depend on the different industry concerned.

For example: pressure equipment, steel structures, automotive, rail vehicles and crane construction are each subject to their own standards.

Rail vehicle manufacturing is huge topic to a specification agreed between all the rail vehicle operators and manufacturers. Welding part manufacturers in mechanical engineering or vehicle construction need to comply with factory specifications set it by the client where no standards apply.

Dimensioning assumes corresponding quality assurance in manufacturing, but also entails informing the production department on any assumptions included in dimensioning as relevant to the manufacturing process.

Production drawings will be serves as the appropriate means of manufacturing communication.

Experience has shown that not all manufacturing-related parameters are considered in dimensioning and design due to the expanding scope of regulations and specifications. Especially as dimensioning and design have a considerable impact on the production costs. SLV Halle offer you our comprihansive extensive experiences to the table with corresponding consultancy services.