A welding quality assurance instrument

Management of welder qualifications, drafting of welding procedure specifications, documentation of work samples and welding procedure qualification records

WPS Manager® assists you in controlling and reaching quality requirements, which are defined by EN 15085, DIN EN ISO 3834 and EN 1090. It is available as both a single-user and network version. WPS Manager® is aimed at companies in the welding sector. The modular layout of the software system permits flexible use on site, tailored to the requirements of the respective company.

It is easy to operate, reasonably priced and capable.

  • high cost effectiveness
  • low operating costs
  • simple installation and uncomplicated operation
  • automatic updates

General features

  • Welder examination module (SP, BP)
  • Welding procedure specification module (WPS)
  • Welding procedure qualification module (WPQR)
  • Work samples module (AP)
  • Qualifications module (Q)
  • Technical requirements


  • Musterausdrucke


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