Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of ECWRV, Transportowy Dozór Techniczny (TDT) and SLV Halle GmbH are honoured to invite you to the
6th European Conference JOIN-TRANS 2020
”Joining and Construction of Railway Vehicles“
May 12 - 13, 2020 in Warsaw, Poland.

The harmonization of welding for railway vehicles is proceeding, based on the standards of EN 15085. Safe railway transport is in the public interest all over Europe - and welding plays an active role in this purpose.

However, a clearly-defined standard alone does not sufficiently influence the quality of welding on railway vehicles. Therefore, a whole system of quality assurance is needed. Covering this is a key task for the ECWRV – European Committee for Welding on Railway Vehicles. Manufacturers, operators, national safety authorities as well as manufacturer certification bodies from more than 16 countries are all currently members of the ECWRV. They discuss how to organize quality assurance on an equal level.

In this context, the Online Database EN 15085 is of central importance. The database provides transparency regarding the validity of certificates as well as technical information.

To accompany all these processes an exchange of experience is required with all participants. This could be provided in the scope of our technical conference on the latest developments in welding technology and welded constructions as well as standards for railway vehicles.

For the first time the conference JOIN-TRANS will be organised with an European partner: Transportowy Dozór Techniczny. We would like to invite you to report on your experiences, research results or developments to an interested group of participants in a presentation. Please use the enclosed form to send us your presentation proposal.

Conference Topics

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Welding technologies in the manufacture of railway vehicles (new manufacturing and repair)
  • Alternative technologies (mechanical joining processes, …)
  • Materials and semi-finished materials (steel, aluminium, plastics, composite materials)
  • Welding and construction with EN 15085 part 1-5
  • Experience of certification bodies with EN 15085-2
  • Application of Online Database EN 15085
  • New construction principles
  • Dynamic stress of welded structures
  • Corrosion protection (structural aspects, coatings, sealing materials, …)
  • Welding technical devices, mechanization and automation
  • Quality assurance with safety-relevant construction units
  • Safety concepts in the manufacturing of rail vehicles
  • Non-destructive testing in rail vehicle manufacturing
  • Maintenance and repair
  • ECM-Entity in charge of maintenance
  • New guideline of ECWRV part 1 and 2

The programme committee consisting of renowned representatives from railway vehicle construction is calling for papers on the proposed topics by November 27, 2019.

General Information

Conference Languages
English and Polish

The presentation has to be no longer than 25 minutes. After presentation there will be discussion of about 5 minutes. Each speaker is kindly asked to contribute proceedings by an article. It could be also a handout of the presentation. The proceedings will be published in English and Polish.

Welding exhibition and sponsorship

The conference includes a welding exhibition. We would be pleased to inform you about the exhibition. We also offer sponsoring packages or submit you an individual offer adapted to your needs.

If you are interested, please contact the conference office:

Aktuelle Arbeitsfelder der SLV Halle GmbH