Professional and further training

Professional and further training according to German standards and guidelines enjoys an excellent reputation across the world. This includes training based on the guidelines set forth by the German Welding Society DVS (Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V.). SLV Halle has been providing training programmes according to DVS guidelines inside and outside Germany for years. DVS welding teacher qualification training according to DVS guideline 1157 et seq. is especially highly sought-after. We have held these training programmes in countries as far afield as Mongolia, where qualified teacher welders were trained and examined in September 2012. SLV Halle holds regular master welder training programmes in China, where we hold these training programmes together with our Chinese partners almost annually.

We maintain a long-standing partnership with the Welding Institute of Cuba, where SLV Halle was involved in setting up a welder training centre, and has held a bilateral relationship with this partner ever since. The Institute’s staff has undergone many training programmes at SLV Halle. Our staff members from SLV Halle have also held local courses in non-destructive training and welding courses in Cuba.

International services from SLV Halle also include company training programmes often requested by companies based outside Germany. Russia, South Africa, India and Hungary are a few of the countries that have seen experts from SLV Halle train welding staff.


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