Destructive testing

SLV Halle GmbH has the requisite knowledge and experience in destructive materials testing as well as the state-of-the-art equipment and technology to perform a large number of standard and specialised tests as required according to German and European regulations such as in incoming goods inspection and subsequent certification of metallic materials. This includes chemical composition and metallographic structural examination in microsection and macrosection as well as mechanical and technological characteristics in the base materials and welded joints.

A series of specialised tests allow for a more detailed assessment of materials, welded joints and whole components.


Number of simultaneously drivable channels: 6

Three servo-hydraulic test cylinders: ± 100 kN
Two servo-hydraulic test cylinders: ± 250 kN
One servo-hydraulic test cylinder: ± 500 kN
Several test cylinders for repeated load cycles: up to 1,000 kN

Load capacity for static testing: 1,000 kN
Foundation block tare weight: 400,000 kg
Critical vibration number n: 3.5 Hz